all of this was trees

by blue mt lumber

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released February 18, 2012



all rights reserved


blue mt lumber Auckland, New Zealand

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Track Name: bk
i know you believed
so i hope that it's true
and i hope that the cancer
didn't follow you through
and i thought about you
but mostly about myself
and if it happened to you
then i guess i've got no chance in hel

i'm sick of feeling guilty
for feeling nothing

and i wonder
what you thought about
on your hospital bed
in your hospital gown
i trhought about calling
but why would you want to hear
from someone from the past
trying so hard to care
Track Name: whangamata
i wanna make a necklace out of your teeth
Track Name: this whole town is a fuckin graveyard
i walk over rust coloured streets
the nights' blood diluted with bleach
i thought that this would work and i think that it could
but you're all i want and right now you're just out of my reach
i visited a few times and we felt so complete
we stayed up all night both pretending to sleep

i sleep between rust coloured sheets
the rain's been coming thru my ceiling for weeks
i don't go out because i can't see a point
when you're so far and this whole town's so bleak
-i've seen people fuck themselves up just like this
but i don't have means and i don't have a clue
the niche i've carved here feels more like an abyss
i'd give up everything to be with you
Track Name: home renovation
don't say i'm overreacting
i know what's going on
you can't talk me down if i'm bleeding to death
you pulled my head into your ribs
and tried to tell me u still had a heart
but the writing's on the wall thru the hole in your chest.

i don't want to keep fucking around
our love was like a tanker
now it's going to ground
and there's gonna be a mess
and it won't just wash off
so if you're walking out now
then this is us

my heart is like a fucking heart
but my head is like an empty house

i don't know what brought this about
and i can't reconcile the words that come out your mouth
with the way that you treat me
we had plans and i had dreams
but plans are nothing when u can't even breathe
without lying thru yr teeth

i don't wanna keep fucking around
told you that i love you but i'll take that back now
and i'll take back your key
i wish that i could rescind all of this
but i guess now i'm entangled in your world of shit
just don't ever call me